Permit To Work Coordinator

Would you like to make a difference in each other’s day-to-day in your work? Join our team in Hoboken and become Permit Coordinator!


Are you up for it?

  • advising:
    • you advise the project management from specific expertise, both solicited and unsolicited, to adjust and support the process
    • you review work method statements
    • you make recommendations to project management, employees regarding production and working methods, the use of tools, appliances, and other tools, the design of workplaces, and substances that may pose a safety risk
  • research:
    • you systematically examine the workplace and actively detect possible improvements
  • systems:
    • you manage the permit system on the project and advise project manager on the implementation
    • you draw up work permits
    • you assist project manager in coordinating the project sim ops
    • you keep permit plans up-to-date
  • control:
    • you support the hierarchical supervision of compliance with the permit system and optimize working conditions. To achieve this, you are  present at the work location for 40% of the working time
  • reporting:
    • you report to Site manager
    • you report results of site inspections
    • assists the project management with internal permit audits
    • permit reportables
  • information:
    • you provide information about the permit system to the necessary parties
    • you ensure project staff is trained on the use of the permit to work system
  • leadership:
    • you lead a small team of Permit Officers and coordinate the different tasks
    • support and evaluate the performance of individual team members in the execution of their work


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